Episode 175

How shall we start the new year? How about with some music? Figured that might be a good idea. This is an uninterrupted flow, but has both the new stuff and the library jams. Enjoy, and welcome to 2016!

Download mp3.

Start     Carey Moore, John Donelson’s Ghost, John Donelson’s Ghost
6.18       Robert Scott Thompson, Lunar Idyll, Pale Blue Dot
16.50     Colin Rayment, Monterosa In The Clouds, Abstract Dimensions
24.14     Andrew Odd, Crossing the Sea of Stars, Discoveries
31.36     Forrest Fang, Not Forgotten, The Sleepwalker’s Ocean
42.27     As If, Strand, Havet
48.01     Phillip Wilkerson, Sunlit Drift, Sojourner
53.03     Slow Dancing Society, Sun Spots, Priest Lake Circa ’88
1.03.00  Bryan Carrigan, The Drive Home, Passing Lights
1.07.17  Wharmton Rise, Indian Ocean, Deep Water
1.11.51  Azuma, Armor, Azuma (out of print)
1.16.08  Resonant Drift, Aurora Breaking, Full Circle
1.21.18  Chad Hoefler, Crimson Lost, Twilight in the Offing


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