Episode 174

This year’s look back at reviewed albums clocks in at two hours. I received so much amazing music in 2015 (and late 2014, honestly) that there was no way this was going to come in at our regular 90 minutes. Enjoy, and thank you so very much for being a listener.

Download mp3.

Start      Jeff Oster, Half A Cookie, Next
5.03       Borghi Teager, Watch Over, Shades of Bending Light
12.50     Bob Holroyd, Sometimes, Blueprint
17.09     Dave Preston, The Circle Around the Sphere, In These Storms
20.52     Chad Kettering, Vanished Dreams, Pathways
25.44     Forrest Fang, The Unreachable Lands – iv: Herimtage, Letters to the Farthest Star
31.33     Gianluca Piacenza, This Is Real, Dream
37.08     Bruno Sanfilippo, A Door Opens Forever, Inside Life
43.50     Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana, Eternal Wisdom, Holographic Codex
49.55     Altus, Absolve the Past, The Time Collection
1.05.42  Steve Roach, HereAfter, The Delicate Forever
1.14.44  Mingo, Omega Point, The Blue Star
1.23.52  Cousin Silas & Jack Hertz, S-P-A-C-E (excerpt), Time Spinners
1.33.52  dRachEmUsiK & Onewayness, Compassion, Immeasurable
1.42.51  Zero Ohms & Numina, Night of the Falling Planets, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
1.51.21  Cravagoide, Try, Empty Frame


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