Episode 173

While the first half of this episode dwells mostly in well-lighted places, the second half will dip into darker venues. You can handle that, right?

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Start      Peter Calandra, The Dream, First Light
3.32       Joe Frawley, The Night Parade, The Night Parade
7.37       Medard Fischer, A Light That Doesn’t Go Out, Four Songs for New York
14.21     21st Century Bard, 125.36±0.41GeV, 21st Century Bard
19.00     Amy Faithe, Peace Be With Me, The Ascent
29.09     Jeffrey Koepper, Pantheon, Konnections
37.47     Jack Hertz & Mystified, Nepcetaq, Inuksuk
48.03     Jeff Pearce, Harvest Storms, Rainshadow Sky
54.35     Lucette Bourdin, The Gardener of the World, Golden Sun
1.02.52  Triangular Ascension, End of Time, The Chronos Anomaly
1.06.40  Jim Graham, Fire and Water, Connexion
1.11.21  Dense Vision Shrine, The Guardians Of Staglieno, Time Lost in Oblivion
1.21.25  Numina, Translunary Return, The Deception of Reality


One thought on “Episode 173

  1. Thanks so much for introducing me to Medard Fischer. I listened to “A Light That Doesn’t Go Out” during lunch, and it stuck with me the rest of the day. Just purchased the Ep!

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