Episode 172

Compilation albums. I don’t review them, but I receive them. And I like them. As much as I enjoy settling in with a big, album-length dose of one artist, I also like the tasty variety pack that is the compilation. Great way to discover artists who’ve never sent work to me for review. This episode pulls entirely from compilation albums to create one delicious musical entree.

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Start      Fabio Anile, It’s Full of Stars, Lav44: NEXT
4.24       Sons of Magdalene, On His Brow, Wisdom, In His Hand, Strength, Only Light to Clear Away
9.57       KiloWatts, Transmogrifier, Emerging Organisms Vol 4
15.25     Library Tapes, The River Turned to Cobblestone, Odyssey of Rapture
18.39     Collothen, Faith, Second Statement*
23.01     Robert Rich, The Gate is Open, Ambient Music to Heal (An Album for Our Wounded Warriors)
32.02     Modulator ESP, Capricorn, Zodiac
46.51     Sleep Orchestra, Like Sails to the Wind, We Are Invisible Now
52.42     Xspance, The Last Sunrise, Ambient Zone 2
58.17     Birds of Passage, Bullrush in the Sun, Brave New World
1.04.32  Northcape, Mandala, Butterfly Effects
1.09.56  usr/sbin, COSSS, The Serene Files Vol 1
1.19.19  Nathan Youngblood & Soriah, Recuerdos de Luna, Possibilities of Circumstance

*This compilation may be out of circulation. The label, Xynthetic, went dormant for a bit but came back on Bandcamp. It does not look like they’ve yet re-upped Second Statement. I gave you the link anyway.


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