Episode 171

One of my favorite song titles of all time is Lopside’s closing track from 37, “Titling Instrumental Tracks Seems Ridiculous.” Sometimes I feel that way about writing yet another intro to a fine set of music. I will tell you that much of the second set came about in one of those evenings when I caught a groove—bit of an odd one, honestly—that I quite enjoyed. Hope you do, too.

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Start      Benjamin Finger, When Face Was Face Kopi, Amorosa Sensitiva
6.20       Eric Pietras, Theory of North, Beams
12.14     Summer Effect, Destiny, Nothing But Hope
17.29     Wes Willenbring, Voices from the Desert, Faces Without Names
22.55     Bob Holroyd, The Unseen Scars, Blueprint
26.09     Mestesis, Your Dream Is Your Destiny, Her Place On Earth
30.54     Palancar, Mimas, Shani
37.55     Fross, Arboles Nublados, La Floresta
48.43     3eezer, Citrus Peel, (Soundcloud)
53.18     Toss Power Traps, Ferry to the Arctic Circle, Earth Rot II: Music for Iceland
56.45     Cyberchump & Janzyk, Space Is The Case, Regrooved
1.05.54  M. Peck, Trading Wonder for Reason, Beneath Forever
1.12.55  Alio Die & Parallel Worlds, Sorinel, Circo Divino
1.21.01  Tom DePlonty, Letter and Word, Music for Michael Skrtic
1.26.46  James Johnson & Aperus, Ancestral Voices, Ecotone


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