Episode 170

After a couple instances of deviating from course, with this episode we get back into the cadence where we begin the show with new-ish music then go a’delving in all the good stuff in the library. This time around, even the less-new music turns up a pair of artists who’ve never been played here before!

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Start      Kammarheit, Lower Halls, The Nest
6.39       Ryan Huber, False Intuition, Aleksandr
12.42     Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz, 7th Circle – Violence (The Damnation of Lacopo Rusticucci), Divinia Commedia I – Nine Circles
20.17     Gianluca Piacenza, Mutations, Dream
29.34     Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell, For Dreaming, Vague Traces
43.44     3AM Tone, Purple Gloe, (Single)
47.40     Bob Ohrum & Mary Grace, Every Time I Close My Eyes, Elevated
55.24     Caught In The Wake Forever, This House Is Not the Same, False Haven
59.25     Venona Pers, Broken Compass, The Past Is A Foreign Country
1.03.09  Fescal, Winter Evening, Two Winter Poems
1.13.06  Aonua, Spirit of the Deep, Odyssey of Rapture (compilation)
1.17.20  Evan Bluetech, Another Bridge Burning, Call of the Wild
1.22.11  Brian Parnham, Enjoy the Ride, See None, Hear None, Speak None


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