Episode 168

So much music, so little time. Because this podcast focuses on music that is sent to Hypnagogue for review, and because so much music is sent for review, appearances here tend to be fleeting. There are a lot of artists who’ve only appeared once on the show, and it’s not for lack of quality. So now and then I pop open my playlist spreadsheet, sort it by artist, look for those who’ve only been played here once, and give them another go-round. The flow is uninterrupted this time. See you in 90.

Download mp3.

Start      Ian Morris, I Like the Way We Whisper Even When No One Is Around, Parking Lot Manuscripts
4.36       John Davis, Palestrina, Ask the Dust
9.09      Anklebiter, Never Like This, Weight of a Pronoun
14.54     Mokhov, Soul Breeze, Future Hope
18.35     Silencio, Embarcadero, Flood
24.14     Bvdub, We Love Together (It’s Our World), Born in Tokyo
37.32     William John Grega, Breath of Being, Breath of Being
43.07     Entheogen, Singularity of Infinite Complexity, Singularity
51.16     Jim Graham, Steel Dawn, Connexion
55.19     John Luttrell, Ethereal Raga, The Dream Exchange
59.59     Specta Ciera, Forgotten Room, Underpass
1.03.35  Ben John Robertson, Fall, When We Were Close, It Was What Was in the Sky That Day
1.16.30  Collapsar, Into the Worm Hole, Beyond the Event Horizon
1.26.05  NC Thompson, Saying Goodnight, Another Quiet Winter


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