Episode 167

We start with a track that made me smile, and it just flows from there. By the time we reach the end, things will quiet down a bit.

Download mp3.

Start     Mythos, A Drama in the Air, Jules Verne Forever
7.31       Liminal Drifter, Verterons Ambo Flow Cut, Troubled Mystic
17.30     Jack Hertz, Ozone Rising, Nataraj
24.46     Mingo, Under Spiral Skies, The Blue Star
35.09     Colony, My Last Cup of Coffee on the Way to Basel, We Are Invisible Now (comp)
45.53     Patrick O’Hearn, Frontier Revisited, Transitions
50.41     Tim Story & HJ Roedelius, Serpentining, Inlandish
55.58     Beyond Absence, Altar Boy, Mood Report
58.30     Larry Kucharz, Love IA42, Unit IA42
1.03.09  Steve Kindler & Teja Bell, Windsurfer, Dolphin Smiles
1.07.24  As If, Hidden Realm, Faraway Trees Standing Still
1.15.25  John Sobocan, Wish, Features of Spheres
1.22.20  Peter James, The Last Day Before the First Day, Seven


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