Episode 166

A show that came together in two straight-through sessions of flow creation. Went pretty deep into the library for this one—had to convert some tracks that I hadn’t played before but have held onto for a while. PLUS, this episode contains the show’s 2000th track! You’ll find out which at the end! And to my friends at Spotted Peccary, who get the benefit of my putting three tracks from their releases in here because I don’t pay attention to labels when I’m deep in the mix…you’re welcome.

Download mp3.

Start     Windshifter, Dronsanthemum, April Showers
11.03     Richard Neale, Ax, Deep Blue Pt 1
13.57     Sermones Ad Mortuos, Absent, Yet Still Here, The Ghostlands Themes
17.48     Kristoffer Oustad, Row Me Over, Filth Haven
26.25     Frore & Shane Morris, Ritual Sequence, Blood Moon
36.05     Time Being, Farther Worlds, A Place to Belong
49.06     Christopher Alvarado, Jewel of the Jackal, Ancient Doors
53.46     AOMusic, Ena Na Lena, ...And Love Rages On
59.05     Madly in Dub, Snake Charmer, Madly in Dub
1.04.13  The Man From Impossible, Shaft in Space, The Man from Impossible
1.08.22  Earthrise, Steven Halpern, Chakra Suite
1.11.28  Craig Padilla, Sense of Wonder, The Heart of the Soul
1.19.07  Erik Wollo, Thule, Gateway
1.27.24  Jeff Grienke, Deep Inside, Winter Light


3 thoughts on “Episode 166

    • Thank you , Bill. If you read my review of the Windshifter release over at hypnagogue.net, it was this track that sold me on the release. First track was ok, second was better, and then this 10-minute immersion came along… Glad you liked the show. Lots of great tracks here if I do say so myself!

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