Episode 165

When I started this episode, it was going to be one where we stop in the middle, between the new and old sections, like we have been. But from the Chords of Orion track on, the show fell into a deep flow that I didn’t feel like interrupting. So away we go. Sorry about the throat clearing in the outro. Forgot to edit.

Download mp3.

Start       Haiku Salut, The No-Colour Of Rain And Dust, Etch and Etch Deep
4.46       Intersonic Subformation, Constellation of the Spear Warrior, Into the Void
9.53       Geary, The Silent Watcher, The Silent Watcher, The Mountain Is Woe
15.46     Dave Preston, Cast Away, In These Storms
21.01     Todd Tobias, Marayoor, Tristes Tropique
26.50     Chords of Orion, In Heaven, It Is Always Autumn, Souls
33.02     Cousin Silas, Dronescape 26 (excerpt)
44.12     Chris Russell, Ardor Reprise, Blur
50.33     Jeff Pearce, The Same Stars, With Evening Above
55.40     Ships on Fire, Slow Descent, The Sleeper Must Awaken
1.04.30   Ken Elkinson, Resolution, Music for Commuting Vol 11
1.08.06   John Lyell, Above the Stratos, Reflection of Time
1.17.17   Arcticology, Dust, Athena
1.22.03   Max Corbacho, Earthflow Trance, Lost Links


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