Episode 164

Gotta love it when a good flow comes together. Or two good flows, for that matter. These two sets, so rudely interrupted by the talky guy in the middle, both find their own distinct groove. At the end, we close with a track from a legend who recently left us.

Download mp3.

Start      Dead Melodies, Sycamore Rain, Slowwave Perception
6.35       Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel, Vleugels, Music for Viola & Electronics II
14.49     Cravagoide, Vmap, Empty Frame
20.00    East Forest, Carry Water, Orbits
23.24     Peter Kater, Two of Us, Love
29.32     Melinda Ligeti, How Could I Ask For More?, Belonging
34.31     Joe Frawley, Wednesday (Memory Forms), A Week of Fevers
38.23     Off Land, (Turnstone), (Drone Variations) Vol 1
48.37     Nattefrost, Near UFO, E-Music Live 2010
56.57     Astral Projection, Searching for UFOs, Another World
1.06.58  Bob Holroyd, Crusts of Dust (remix), re:Ambient
1.16.11  General Fuzz, Mincing Wor, Oughta See
1.22.23  Spoke of Shadows, Pain Map, Spoke of Shadows
1.29.53  Deiter Moebius, Meltaway, Blotch




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