Episode 162

As you’ll hear, sometimes the music tells you exactly where to take a break on these shows. The first set is short, but it’s good and deep, and the long second set is even more so.

Download mp3.

Start      Steve Roach, Symmetry and Balance, Skeleton Keys
10.22     Onewayness & Modulator ESP, Bridge_3, Astral Bridges
26.17     Stratosphere, Accepting the Aftermath, Aftermath
34.36     Chad Kettering, The Infinity Mirror, Pathways
41.53     Vox Populi, Doumai v3, Mystic Entertainment
44.00     Suck Susan, Fantastic Damage, No Head in the Helmet
47.49     Regolith, A Thousand Crashing Cars, And…
49.16     Sky Burial, Beyond the Veldt, There I Saw the Grey Wolf Gaping
54.24     Yen Pox, In Silent Fields, Between the Horizon and the Abyss
1.03.13  Eric Dahlman, The Alouette, Ripped Echo
1.09.25  Circular, Retreat from Reality, Radiating Perpetual Light
1.13.54  Deep Chill Network, Dream Companion (excerpt)
1.24.16  Amalaise, Piscine, The Twinning Pools


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