Episode 161

Seems I must have been in a fairly quiet mood as I brought this episode together. Long drifting passages in here, with just enough (slightly/comparatively) uptempo moments to keep you from dozing off completely. (I’ll nudge you halfway through with some talky bits, then let you get back to listening.)

Download mp3.

Start      The Ambiguity, Still, Returning to Another Time
3.36       Sean Washburn, Hemlock Grotto, Wave Mantra
8.43       Robert Otto, Peace, Lux Aeterna
14.51     Altus, What You Leave Behind, The Time Collection
29.23     Max Corbacho, Shaping the Endless, Splendid Labyrinths
47.01     Oceur, Reconstruction, Light As A Feather
50.28     Stick Men, Glass Heart, Open
57.42     Alpha Wave Movement, Movement IV, Architexture of Silence
1.07.53  Robert Rich, Scintilla, Filaments
1.11.24  Jeffrey Koepper, Ilulissat, Arctisonia
1.21.23  Vic Hennigan, Paper Rain Drops, Ambient Music to Heal (An Album for Our Wounded Warriors)


4 thoughts on “Episode 161

  1. I keep coming back to this episode for “Hemlock Grotto”. I think I am going to have to get “Wave Mantra” – was not familiar with it. Thanks for including it in the playlist!

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