Episode 159

This ep starts with a short set of music from the review queue. It’s not that there wasn’t much music, it’s that the first flow ends right where it needs to. From there I’ll feed you a bit of proggy fury, dip you into the depths, and bring you back around quite nicely, I’d say. Enjoy.

Download mp3.

Start      Dirk Serries, Blistering, Disorientation Flow
8.50       Ebauche, If You Do Not Trust Enough, Adrift
18.13     Numina, Down to the Valley of the Water, Through the Gate to Nowhere
28.06     Amongst Myselves, The Day the Crickets Listened, The Past Is Another Country
35.48     Ionosphere, The Silence Underneath, Nightscape
43.47     Computerchemist, Forgotten Memory, Signatures II
50.50     Djam Karet, On the Edge of the Moon, Regenerator 3017
59.20     Mark Zampella, Kneel, Tone Poems for Fuzzy Guitar
1.03.50  Model Citizen, Sleep Learning, Brave New World (compilation)
1.10.43  The Nebulae, Ascension, The Path of White Clouds
1.20.15  Takashi Suzuki, The Beginning, Voyage – Hiroshima Eternal
1.27.13  Hibernation, Wabi-Sabi, Second Nature


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