Episode 158

We continue with our blend of new and old, with the old coming first this time out. I pulled out a couple of names I hadn’t heard in a while, got back to a compilation I think you should know about, and then swished around in the barrel of new releases to pull out some of the tastiest cuts.

Am I the only ambient podcast host who talks like this? No, no—don’t answer that. Just listen to the show.

Download as mp3.

Start      Secret Pyramid, Closer, Movements of Night
3.32       Off Land, Home II, Voyage/Home
11.33     Manitou, Abandonment Litters I-75 Through the City, All Points North
14.24     Atomic Skunk, Rhino, Alchemy
24.20     Borghi | Teager, Discern Dissent, Convocation
37.11     Phase 47, Circular, Quiet Friends (compilation)
47.04     Dan Pound, Rainforest, Change of Weather
53.19     William Gregg, Opening Mind, Into the Vortex
57.22     Igneous Flame, Lilac Haze, Opaline
1.07.12  Carey Moore, Thin Drops Swam Like Dew, Trout Ribs
1.14.24  Blake Gibson & Robert Davies, Sunshowers, Quiraing
1.23.57  Gustaf Fjelstrom, Interface, Intention


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