Episode 157

From heavy electronics to the clean sound of solo piano, from the rich resonance of voice to the smooth tone of the Chapman stick, on this episode we’re going a little bit of everywhere.

Download mp3.

Start       Hollan Holmes, Letting Go, Incandescent
7.31       Imi Fal, The Lightest Touch, The Lightest Touch
13.01     The Lonely Bell, Frozen In Memory, The Lonely Bell
22.48     Phobos, Sector Four (excerpt,) Sector Four
34.45     Marsen Jules, Katiyana, The Empire of Silence
43.37     Fiona Joy, Fair Not, Signature – Solo
47.33     Steve Roach, The View from Here, Sigh of Ages
57.50     Ben Cox, Gannet, On Water
1.07.48  Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, Gradriel, Resonating Earth
1.17.08  Jim Cole & Spectral Voices, Hear Earth, Innertones
1.26.53  Jeff Pearce, A Secret to Hide, Rainshadow Sky


11 thoughts on “Episode 157

  1. Hi John,
    Thank you for including an excerpt of Sector Four in your podcast. Much appreciated, and a great episode it is too.

  2. Thanks for continually sharing John. Liking the Phobos, Sector, Love the now so familiar Steve Roach arp. Also as previously mentioned the Marsen Jules, Katiyana, and the last 2 tracks (Jim Cole & Spectral Voices, Hear Earth / Jeff Pearce, A Secret to Hide). Well that’s a bit unfair all tracks are fantastic, you’re a great curator!

  3. Just getting around to listening to this one; quite a nice selection here!

    Here’s something possibly funny I heard while enjoying the Ben Cox track, “Gannet”: this track makes clever use of morse code as a sonic element. I’m an amateur radio operator, and so my brain immediately locked-on to the code and set about decoding the message. It was simply this one word, “LOMUSPIKE”.

    Now, it just so happens that the album from which this track was taken is published on the /Lotuspike/ record label (attention directed to the ‘t’). So, was this a misspelled/miskeyed hat-tip to Cox’s record label? (giggle)

    I’m familiar with the label, so at first I thought I was hearing things, surely it couldn’t be “LOMUSPIKE” I’m hearing, right? Listen carefully:

    .-.. L
    — O
    — M (whereas a T is a single dah, -)
    ..- U
    … S
    .–. P
    .. I
    -.- K
    . E

    Indeed it is. Does Ben know?

  4. Recently got this disc and noticed the Morse code just as I was drifting off to sleep. LOMUSPIKE. Had to figure out what that meant… This was the only google hit. :-)

  5. Ended up on this thread because I heard Ben Cox’s Gannet on Soma’s Deep Space One and copied LOMUSPIKE in Morse code and I’m also a ham ;-)

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