Episode 156

We’ll escape to place where lillies bloom and Elvis sightings are common through brilliant clouds thanks to the surface gravity. But it’s no mystery that our someday will come and we’ll be lifted out of victimization, climbing from our holes and waving our tendrils smartly. Okay, enough of me trying to be clever. On to the music.

Download mp3.

Start      Sequential Dreams, Escape Velocity, L3G4CY
13.44     Intersonic Subformation, Lillies (Yellow – Timebent), Apocalyptic Flowershop
19.38     Al Gromer Khan, Elvis Went to Durgapur, Lalita
25.00     Numina & Zero Ohms, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
34.06     Another Neglected Hobby, Part 1 (excerpt), Surface Gravity
48.11     Jeff Oster, The Mystery of B, Next
53.23     Darshan Ambient, When Will My Someday Come, Dream in Blue
57.34     David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Lifted, The Crossing
1.04.00  Aron Kirk, Victimisation, Brick Circus
1.09.08  Dwight Ashley, Holes Within Holes, Four
1.16.09  Allele Memetic, Tendril, Tendril
1.21.58  Known Rebel, Smart, Hollow


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