Episode 155

On the menu this time: 45 minutes or so of delectable items from the review queue (okay, some of them have some fairly exotic flavors) followed by a batch of perfectly aged cuts. And that will be quite enough of me belaboring a metaphor, even if it does match my terribly clever opening bit.

Download mp3.

Start      Erik Wøllo, Revealed in Time, Blue Radiance
7.28       Second Culture, Thunder Conjuring Mind, Thunder Conjuring Mind
10.53     Jonathan Badger, Nimbus, Verse
15.21     Hodson, Pink & Blue, Colours That Glow in the Dark
20.08     Rest You Sleeping Giant, The Spring Thaw, Peppermint Tea
28.50     Chris Russell, Tranquility, Still
36.00     Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà, Akvil, Holographic Codex
49.13     Radium 88, Still Separated by Oceans, Escaping Tomorrow
53.43     Rena Jones w Sophie Barker, Wishes, Echoes
57.52     Life Audience, Where You Are, Waves & Particles
1.06.34  East Forest, Udana, Prana
1.14.10  Steven Halpern, Harmonic Convergence, Chakra Suite
1.19.06  Darshan Ambient, The Immense Window, Falling Light
1.26.02  DubJay, J4STG1, AMFM



2 thoughts on “Episode 155

    • Appreciate the feedback. I have considered going weekly, but to be honest I think the quality would suffer under the increased obligation. The current pace has kept me going for 6 years now!

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