Episode 154

Like the snow in New England (well, until recently), the fresh submissions just keep coming here at Hypnagogue HQ, so let’s dive into them again. Or toboggan down them. Or something.

Download mp3.

Start      Jack Hertz & rizorkestra, Low Tide, Coast
9.08       Johan Agebjorn, Will They Forgive Us/Alpha Beta Gamma, Notes
17.40     Madoka, Calmness, Take A Walk
21.28     Scyye, In A Circle, From
25.35     Ken Elkinson, An Opening, Music for Commuting Vol 11
29.25     Alio Die & Parallel Worlds, Fragile Imagery, Elusive Metaphor
35.24     Steve Brand, Into the Current (exc), Into the Current
51.40     Kloob, Transcendiendo, Deep Emotional Phases
56.17     K, Two, Lumi
1.06.15  EugeneKha, Fog In The Wood Pt 1 (exc), Fog Music
1.21.28  Howard Givens & Craig Padilla, Shavasana, Life Flows Water


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