Episode 153

Now that the doors at Hypnagogue have reopened to new stuff, we’ll get back to dipping into the review queue. From the second track on, that’s what you’ve got here. The first track? Just something so good, I had to share. Hit play, relax, enjoy.

Download mp3.

Start      Aaron Static, Intrepid Journey, Redemption
7.46       Frore, Northern Winds, Cyclic Movement
19.21     Ilia Belorukov, I Did What Was Possible to Quiet Us, Part I, I Did What Was Possible to Quiet Us
26.17     Spiricom, Identify the Moved Objects, Songs for a Summer Seance
32.23     IX, Breaking Faith, System VII
38.30     Forrest Fang, Burnt Offerings, Letters to the Farthest Star
49.47     loscil, Luna, For Greta
56.36     Darren Rogers, Floating, Floating White Abyss
1.06.35  Joe Frawley, The Forest, Satyrinae
1.12.25  Bruno Sanfilippo, Tea Leaves at the Bottom of a Cup, Inside Life
1.19.16  Roy Mattson, Tributary, Endless River


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