Episode 152

Meanwhile, away in the northeast US of A, your pal the Hypnagogue is about snowbound in one of the heaviest winters in memory. The only thing keeping the inner peace? Music like this. Dig in, and don’t mind me sermonizing a little bit halfway through.

Download mp3.

Start      Robert Rich, Entangled, Filaments
10.59     Azuma, The Temple Landscape, The Wanderer
14.06     Phillip Wilkerson, They Came And Were Gone, Wondrous Encounters
20.20     Palancar, Psalm, Counting Raindrops
29.35     Bob Holroyd, 27 Words, Afterglow
33.47     S1gns of Life, Cell Theory, Language of the Ancients
40.05     The Current, Sunday Sunburn, Communion
50.13     Max Corbacho, Choir Ecstasy, Ars Lucis
54.47     Justin Vanderberg, In Waking Moments, In Waking Moments
1.00.43  Amir Baghiri, Moonloop, Dreamresources
1.13.21  Apne Sinn, Auspice, Worlds Apart
1.23.29  Shane Morris, March Wind Moon, The Full Moon Series


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