Episode 151

We’ve got a lot of music to get through this time, so let’s get started. This one’s all over the place. You’ll groove, you’ll drift, you’ll get all pensive, you’ll thank me later.

Download mp3.

Start     Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf & Rob Thomas, Primal Analog, Monuments of Ecstasy
9.35       Michel Banabila, The Holy Mountain, Precious Images/Datafiles 1999-2008
14.18     Christoph Berg, Coda, Day Has Ended
18.09     Martyrs of Sound, Song of the Beloved, Radhe’s Dream
22.25     Perry Frank, Music for the Afternoon, Music to Disappear
27.05     Rhizomorph, Dawanese, Xenofilika
31.57     Dr. Didg, Brand New Shoes, Serotonality
37.12     AETopus, Smiling in the Park, Between Empires
41.10     Michael Lovisa, Upstairs, in the Basement, Empty
45.16     Slow Dancing Society, At the End of the Bar, The Dusk Recitals
50.57     C.Db.Sn, As If December Never Happened, …At the End of It All
55.10     Altus, Onaip III, Macro
56.44     Michelle Ippolito, Quiet Repose, Drifting in Dreams
1.01.19  Ephemeral Mists, Moon Ritual, Transcendental Visions
1.10.03  Giles Reaves, Great Mystery, Sacred Space*
1.18.07  Cousin Silas, 30 Years, The Snow Imposed Silence
1.23.30  Paul Ellis, The Infinite Minute By Minute, From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness

*I love Giles’ music, and I love sharing it with you. I just can’t tell you where to find it these days, other than through reseller sites.


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