Episode 150

Have I really made it to the 150-show mark? Hmm. I should play some music to celebrate.

Download as mp3.

Start      Chris Russell, Cathedral, Illuminoid
7.00       Disturbed Earth, Boutique, Black Picnic
15.42     Terra Sancta, Kingdom of Dust, Exile
23.26     Unearthly Red, Dead, Purgatory
27.45     Darshan Ambient, Blue Lotus, Songs from the Deep Field
33.20     Nasienie, Mute Witness, Outdoor: Chasing the Fog
40.38     John Broaddus, Model MF4A, A Strange Mint
49.33     Dolls Come to Life, The Sundial, The Groundskeeper’s Daughter
53.02     The Black Dog, Wait Behind This Line, Music for Real Airports
57.10     Broken Harbour, Dark Clouds Approaching from the West, Gramophone Transmissions
1.09.01  Hessien, Wrong Turn at Albuquerque, Calcifer
1.15.05  Hollan Holmes, Inevitability, A Distant Light
1.25.12  Igneous Flame, Glass Harp, Lyra



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