Episode 149

Am I really going to start the new year by putting up a show with a silly, obvious theme?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Download as mp3.

Start      Cyberchump, New Skin, Our Wizards of Earth
4.49       Leaving Richmond, New Machinery, The Bird and the Submarine
8.39       Planet Boelex, New Beginning, Raja
15.23     Creature, New World, Mechanical
20.11     Northcape, First Day in a New Town, Captured from Static
25.22     Scott August, New Horizons, Radiant Sky
31.38     Bryan Carrigan, New Day, Below Zero
36.30     Craig Padilla, New Directions, The Heart of the Soul
42.25     Anawaty Russell, Blue Years Day (and Night), Monjour
51.36     Undermathic, 7 Years, 10:10 pm
56.28     Between Interval, Three Years Ago, The Edge of a Fairytale
1.03.36  Dwight Ashley & Tim Story, The Alcohol Years, Drop
1.07.29  Viridian Sun, Light Years from Here, Infinite in All Directions
1.16.13  Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman, The Year of the Horse, Trance Spirits


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