Episode 148

So 2014 was an odd year here at Hypnagogue HQ. The doors were closed to new review submissions in March, but there was more than enough in the backlog to keep me writing–and playing new stuff in podcasts–well through the year. In this episode we’ll take a listen to tracks from some of the albums that really caught my ear this year…even  if they were from 2013.

Download as mp3.

Start      Jeff Pearce, Cloudfall, With Evening Above
5.50       John Lyell, Reflection of Time, Reflection of Time
12.33     Chronotope Project, Automatic Writing, Event Horizon
19.10     Erik Wollo, Along the Journey, Timelines
25.17     David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Edge of Tomorrow, Found
35.02     Mark Harris, Running Forward_to the Object of One’s Affection, The Angry Child
44.23     Mingo, Terra Globa, Sky Over Sea
49.48     Fetal Pulse, Hyper Jump, Space
53.25     Matt Kwid, Drift, Passive Listener
1.02.28  Zero Ohms, The Dream Dreaming You, Process of Being
1.12.41  Ann Licater, Sanctuary, Invitation from Within
1.16.48  Juta Takahaski, Transcendence, Transcendence
1.33.26  Indiana Drones, Part 4 (excerpt), Indiana Drones
.47.34  Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig, Acacia, Tree of Life

and, of course…
1.59.12   Ministry of Inside Things, Grateful, Ambient Elsewhere


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