Episode 147

From a typical starting point of walking into my office and hearing an interesting cut playing, I decided to tap the “next” button on my player and see what shuffled up next. That accounts for the first few tracks of this flow. After that, it’s all me finding the next perfect piece in the flow.

Download as mp3.

Start      An Ant and An Atom, Metallurgies, You Are No One
7.39       Inner Place, Transition VIII, Biosphere
13.50     Another Neglected Hobby, Language of Slumber, Sleeping with the Window Open
29.50     Patrick O’Hearn, A Welcome Sight, Slow Time
33.32     Robert Rich, Callyx, Possibilities of Circumstance
39.26     Noise Reduction Society, Sunrise Over Somewhere, Leaving Venice
48.45     Max Corbacho, Lands of Sacred Silence, Resonant Memory of Earth
54.49     Numina, Beneath the Silver Surface, Sanctuary of Dreams
1.01.33  Ran Kirlian, Sanctus, Selected Works Vol 1
1.10.54  Larry Kucharz, Larghissimo 43 (92 No.04A), Smphncs
1.16.50  Steven Halpern, Deep Alpha 8 Hz: Part 6, Deep Alpha
1.23.01  AOMusic, Yaka Matai, Hokulea


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