Episode 146

First, I decided it was time to do another tribal-themed episode–because, I may have mentioned in passing, this is my hands-down favorite subgenre. Then, after tracking out the first half hour with Byron Metcalf, Mark Seelig, Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes on tracks one and two, I got into a long-form vibe. So you get six deep-immersion tribal tracks to hook you up with your inner primitive. (Even if one sort of skates under the tribal radar a bit. Just think of it as a stretch of introspective pre-dawn quiet time in the cave…)

Download as mp3.

Start       Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig Focus Intention
10.58     Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes Memories Unsuspended The Ancestor Circle
35.43     Steve Brand Hoop of the Earth The Great Hoop
52.07     Resonant Drift Turning the Wheel of Time Full Circle
1.02.02  Mingo Once and Future World Once and Future World
1.16.45  Amongst Myselves Southern Lights (Black Hole Mix) Ambient, Landscape and Space


3 thoughts on “Episode 146

  1. Have gone to the old blogspot listed and tried to get podcasts 30-90 but cannot download them , does anyone have them in another spot or have an alternative method to get them, thanks, oipk@aol.com

    • My bad on this. I recently let a domain expire, and the podcasts that were on the blogspot site were hosted there. I may or may not be able to retrieve them. (I haven’t kept a full archive of shows for myself.)

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