Episode 145

More often than not, an episode takes its seedling idea from something that’s playing when I’m just noodling around in my office. I always have music playing (go figure…), usually on shuffle. For this episode, it was Ken Elkinson’s “Mission Control” that grabbed my ear and set us on our way. In the mix are some albums that will be coming up for review, one artist I overlooked for quite a while, and one I’d totally forgotten about.

Download as mp3.

Start     Ken Elkinson, Mission Accomplished, Music for Commuting
3.43       Dying Bees, Anita, These Last Days
10.47     A.S. Hereb, Lux Cycni, V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
15.23     Dolls Come to Life, The Violet Hour, The Groundskeeper’s Daughter
19.35     Mokhov, Love Gravity, Future Hope
23.40     Patrick Cornelius, Glissades, Bass Violin
31.00     Igneous Flame, Gold Lion, Nyx
41.03     Jack Hertz, Pillars of Silence, Quiet Friends (compilation)
50.55     Jeff Pearce, No Matter How Far, With Evening Above
1.12.30  Bryan Carrigan, Kayak, Focus
1.16.24  Jonathan Badger, The First Time I Dreamt of the Surface There Was No One to Hold, Untold Stories from Lily’s Days as a Solar Astronaut
1.21.37  Trance Jax, Rain*
1.26.39  Zinovia, Sucking the Smoke From Your Lips, Gift of Affliction

*On the show, I note that I have no idea where to find this disc. Not entirely true, as it turns out. I can find it on a known reseller site, but I’m not listing that as its “official” link. Google’s a wonderful thing. You’ll find it if you want it.

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