Episode 143

Now and then I like to give the show over to the darker side of things. So let’s get grim and introspective, shall we?

Download as mp3.

Start      Deep Chill Network, 1897, Antarctica 3
7.45        Abandoned Asylum, Drifting in Constant Eclipse, Derelicts of Distant Hope
13.46      Worms of the Earth, Two Hundred Years Beneath The Frozen Lake, Azal’Ucel
20.40     Kalte, Hadopelagic, Fissures
28.29     Mystified, Departing Certainty, Primal Mystification
41.47      Phobos, Hells Gate, Darker
54.00     Olekranon, Severed, Danaus
1.00.52  Yen Pox, Absolute Zero, Blood Music
1.13.41   Rasalhague, Communication Depravity, Rage Inside the Window
1.20.23   Integral, Back Here Alone, Rise
1.27.00   Sujo + Sun Hammer, Fistula, Fistula


4 thoughts on “Episode 143

  1. Just now getting to this show. I got introduced to the dark ambient scene thru an encounter with the album Stalker, by Robert Rich and B.Lustmord. I’ve been hooked on it ever since. Very little in the real word puts any fear into me anymore. I outgrew horror movies. I enjoy a cerebral suspense film now. I’m a sort who has learned to enjoy bad dreams (they can genuinely freak you out, but bring dreams, it’s a safe scare). This stuff, and dark-side ambient like it, are among the few things that can give me the creeps when I’m out in the world. I’ll take it with me when I’m bicycling at midnight thru an almost deserted city. In the car, it’s dark so early now, it’s fun music to have on while driving. This was a very nice composition, John. So, here’s one Hypnagogue fan who’s happy you made your peace with the dark side!

    (oh and, while fistula may be a neat word, they are not nice things (a medical textbook informs me)…eww)

    • Thank you, Andrew. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I have definitely come to terms with how dark ambient pokes at certain corners of my psyche. As far as fistula goes, exactly. Eww, indeed.

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