Episode 142

This is what happens when you start putting a podcast together on a sunny Fall morning but finish it later that night…with wine.

Download as mp3.

Start    Pedrick Bitts Walker, Three, Three
5.51       Anawaty Russell, If Only I Could, Analogue Universe
10.00    Uwe Gronau, Holiday, Flight 14
13.29    Stephen Savage, Then There Is Here Now, Future Memories
17.49    Djam Karet, Desert Varnish, Regenerator 3017
24.59    Computerchemist, Standing Waves, Standing Still, Aqual Measure
38.43    Craig Colorusso, Grassy Fields, Sun Boxes
43.49    Shane Morris & Disturbed Earth, Swing, Sister Cities
59.23    Chronotope Project, Redshift, Solar Winds
1.14.16  Peter James, Towards Another Dawn, Seven


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