Episode 140

As promised, this time around I went into the playlist spreadsheet and found a group of fine musicians who have only been played once on the show. And believe me, there are plenty more available for another show like this. In the meantime, enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Start      Mark Bruland, Tom Parker’s Wind Chimes, Beeing Human
5.17       Neil Gardner, The Photograph Hangs on the Wall, and I Miss You, We Are Infinite
9.40       Perry Frank, Another Place Another Time, Music to Disappear
17.22     Joost Egelie, Majorana, Particles
23.45     Freq.Magnet, Divebomb, Nicked
32.52     Jack Hertz, Magnetic Fields, 7.83 Hz
42.24     Talvihorros, Alpha, Descent into Delta
50.25     Frame, North Sea, Visions
56.56     Ocoeur, Astral Projection, Light as a Feather
1.02.35  Witxes, Somewhere, Sorcery/Geography
1.08.00  Stray Ghost, La Belle Semaine, Each Paradise Is A Lost Paradise
1.17.58  Michael Meara, Origination, Conception
1.26.23  Seamus O’Muineachain, Away With the Fairies, Conflicts at the Sermon


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