Episode 139

A two-part voyage for you this time out. We’ll start in somewhat experimental territory, eventually making our way into piano-based atmospheres. A short talky break and then we’re off again, borne on analog synth…to start.

Download as mp3.

Start       Dieter Moebius, Im Raum, Blotch
12.06     PAS Musique, You Are Who You Are, Abandoned Bird Egg
17.23     Toaster, Ophanim, Sariel
23.28     Berhard Weiss, Skin, re member
27.25     Mario Grönnert, The Plateau, From Land to Light
31.59     Joe Evans, Affected Piano IV, Affected Piano
39.00     Kim Halliday, Birdsongs in Mist, Birdsongs in Mist
46.24     Ministry of Inside Things, Icicle Falls, Ambient Elsewhere
57.41     Cyberchump, Space Cadet, Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
1.02.43  Caul, Veil of Sand, The Long Dust
1.12.10  Anklebiter, Golden Age of Terrible Photography, Weight of a Pronoun
1.18.51  Zero Ohms, Process of Being, Process of Being


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