Episode 138

Ever notice that there are differing levels of “quiet”? This fairly quiet podcast sets a pretty good example of the idea, I think….

Download as mp3.

Start:     Midnight Sound Service, Maximum Visibility, Midnight Sound Service
5.30       Colin Thomas, Pioneer Morning, Stones/Still
14.25     Another Neglected Hobby, Distant Call, Sleeping with the Window Open
20.10     There Is No Teenage Love, AMNH-973, There Is No Teenage Love
26.50     Radiant Mind, Reaching the Beyond, Sense
35.47     Mara’s Torment, Imagine Me, Across for Show…
46.35     Juta Takahaski, Higurashi, Transcendence
1.02.55  Gaston Arevalo, Estuario, Habitat
1.08.38  Crystal Dream,  At Peace (excerpt), Sedation
1.23.56  Jane’s Scenic Drive, Prayer for Joy, Beautiful Reminders


2 thoughts on “Episode 138

  1. Thank you John, for another fine mix here. I tend to forget the amount of work you put into these, or at least, take for granted that you are doing them mostly as a labor of love. But I love the mixes and love the discovery of new stuff that makes my Amazon Wish List swell to impossible length(that sounded better in my head).

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