Episode 137

I usually put together podcasts over the course of several days–especially in summer, when my office/studio becomes oppressively hot. Now and then, however, the mood strikes to lay out a long stretch in one sitting, finding just the right pieces and hearing nice connections in the flow. For this episode, that was the case starting from the Peter DiPhillips track on. The lights were low, there was wine on hand, and the music took its own direction. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Start:     Steve Roach, The Well Spring, The Delicate Forever
13.42     Chris Russell, Scilla, Bloom
17.35     Hollan Holmes, Timespace, The Farthest Fringes
23.43     Peter DiPhillips, Fireflies, Mind Levels
36.07     David Downing, Cosmic Conspiracy, Cosmic Conspiracy
45.19      Herion, Oxg, Out & About
53.17      Mark Snyder, Harvey, Messy
1.00.23  Wes Willenbring, My Ghostly Fingers, Close, But Not Too Close
1.05.43  Joe Frawley, Descension Day, Speak of This to No One
1.08.03  Tim Story, Decelerate or Fasten, Buzzle
1.13.37  Jeff Pearce, A Secret for the Moon, In the Season of Fading Light
1.19.07  Josh Johnston, Missed Her On the Road, The Shape of Things
1.23.41   Bob Holroyd, Ambient Like Snow, Afterglow



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