Episode 136

I decided to do a “show-by-shuffle” and play whatever was coming out of the speakers whenever I came back into my office over the course of a couple of days. I made one or two executive decisions to skip a track here and there. Overall, though, you end up with 20 delicious tunes and plenty of variety. Dig in! No interruptions!

Download as mp3.

Start:     Tapage, Sine, Overgrown
3.21       Peter Kater, Sacral Chakra, Light Body
9.18       Stafraenn Hakon, Wait, Prammi
15.42     Life Audience, While the Sun Was Sleeping, Waves & Particles
22.46     Wharmton Rise, Avatar, Life Line
26.50     Darshan Ambient, After the Night, reKarma
32.09     Bryan Carrigan, Cricket Crossing, Focus
35.44     NeuHuman, How to Walk Through a Concrete Jungle, NeuHuman
40.43     AstralFish, Lil Utbird, Far Corners
45.37     Fetal Pulse, Zero Gravity Dance Party, Space
48.00     Patrick O’Hearn, Facing the Sun, Beautiful World
53.37     Integral, Samen, Rise
55.45     Parhelion & Zak Keiller, Smokey God, Farthest North
1.00.14  Sleeping Me, Empty Cradles, Cradlesongs
1.04.52  Igneous Flame, Lords of the Air, Orcus
1.09.50  Scyye, Prevent Forest Fires, Timegazing
1.11.38  ZoiD,  jwrong, Selected ZoiDWorks
1.17.42  Jeff Greinke, Across the Great Basin, Winter Light
1.22.34  Stuart Sweeney, Impressions of a Golden Age, 16:9
1.25.50 Beyond Absence, Vertigo of Perception, Heritage



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