Episode 135

Well, happy birthday to me! The podcast starts its sixth year in production with three sets of some hand-picked favorites. As always, pulling a dozen “favorites” out of a library of nearly 10,000 tracks isn’t easy. I hope you enjoy the ride, even if I am a bit overly talky in this one. (No interruptions next time, promise!)

Download as mp3.

Steve Rose, Somehow Different (Pt 1), The Diminishing Day
9.23       Lopside, Standing at the Mechanical Ocean, 37
16.22     Steve Roach & Robert Rich, Blood Music, Soma
24.05     Dave Preston, Be Alive, Be
34.08     Mingo, Translation of Lost Consciousness, The Light That Bends
40.38     Radium 88, The Irretrievable Loss of Perpetual Belonging, Escaping Tomorrow
45.35     Sensitive Chaos, Thoughts of Home in a Sandstorm, Seeker After Patterns
53.41     Jeffrey Koepper, Byzantine Machine, Momentium
1.02.00  Andrew Lahiff, Echoes of the Harmonic Canyons, Inner Worlds Returning
1.08.54  John Vorus, Cove, Transmuting Currents
1.15.44  Silvercord, Waking to Solace, I Smiled Because I Knew Death Is But A Door
1.21.44   Dan Pound, Polaris, Aurora

I got so soft-brained from the last set that when listing track names at the end I mistakenly kept saying “after” rather than “before.” But you’re smart enough to have figured out what I meant, right? And if not–hey, look! A playlist!

And here’s the complete version of “Hypny Birthdrone,” if you’re interested.


2 thoughts on “Episode 135

  1. Oh wow! This whole show was sooo good! What a terrific balance of uptempo with contemplative and spacious. And, that track from Dan Pound at the end: “hwaaaaaa…(drool piddle),” pounded my brain stem straight to the hypnagogue zone 100%! That is /the/ track if you need a power-recharge. That “sandpapering” sound on it right there near the end just seem to zizzle through my semi-conscious mind and finish me off to la la land. I would’ve been a total goner had your voiceover not come on to point the way back to consciousness. Thanks so much, and hypny birthdrone to you!

    • Thank you, Andrew. Glad you enjoyed it and took the time to comment. If you liked that Dan Pound track, you should definitely check into his catalog. A lot of releases, a lot of wonderful sounds!

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