Episode 134

It’s all music from the review pile this time out, and we’ll shift from pulsing beats to quiet piano ruminations to ambient spaces. You know, the usual pleasant voyage.

Download as mp3.


Elise Mélinand: Sur L’Ocean, Grey Hoodie
5.24       Paragaté: Generation of the Thoroughly Smug, Pattern of Light
8.35       Nuclear Whale: Venal, The Looming Machine
19.14     Altus: Journey’s End, Excursion 3
29.37     Algol: Gilese 581g, Goldilocks
39.06     Guy Birkin: Tintinnabuli Mathematica 5d-F, Tintinnabuli Mathematica
43.46     Ficture: Turned At Once, Roads to Everywhere
52.59     William Gregg: Planete Rouge, Epiphenomenon
59.28     Bruno Sanfilippo: The Movement of the Grass, Claraoscuro
1.08.40  Thy Veils: Many Waters, Lumine
1.17.06  Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig: Ygdrassil, Tree of Life


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