Episode 133

Here’s the recipe for this one: melt one-third easy beats into two-thirds deep ambient cruise. Chill 90 minutes and enjoy.

Download as mp3

Larry Kucharz, Engraving No. 1, Electro Engravings
5.23       Matt Kwid, Mekanism, Passive Listener
12.45     Prospero, There Was This Woman, Between Spinning Nothing
17.19      Åpne Sinn, Lucky Enough, Espiritista
22.58     Boy Is Fiction, Output 1-2 (33 1 1 1)., Emerging Organisms Vol 4
28.28     Craig Padilla, Lost in You, The Heart of the Soul
33.41     Steve Roach, Beyond (excerpt), Structures from Silence 30th Anniversary
48.27     Mark Mahoney, Voices Within the Solar Stream, Beyond the Vaulting Sky
1.00.01  Igneous Flame, Message to the Other Side, Harmony Through Conflict
1.12.37  Numina, Through the Unseen Barrier, Shift to the Ghost
1.25.10  S1gns of Life, Aphelion, Language of the Ancients


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