Episode 132

I don’t think I’m out of line if I suggest that to a large degree the ambient and electronic scene–and to a very lesser degree, New Age–can be something of a boy’s club. (Feel free to argue the point with me below if the urge arises.) So this time around, I am dedicating these 90 minutes to female artists. It’s Ladies Night at the Hypnagogue Podcast!



Download as mp3.

Meg Bowles, “Beyond the Far Shore,” A Quiet Light
8.28       Lucette Bourdin, “Silver Trees,” Silver Moon
19.34     Michele Ippolito, “Midnight Moonlight Trance,” Drifting in Dreams
25.28     Ann Licater, “Cradle of Light,” Invitation from Within
30.26     Elisa Luu, “Piano,” The Time of Waiting
35.23     Emmalee Crane, “Manitoba,” Crowd of Reeds
38.08     Zinovia, “The Blue Shade of Dawn Covered Your Skin,” The Gift of Affliction*
44.21     Rena Jones, “Shadows,” Echoes
49.25     Fiona Joy Hawkins, “Running On Joy,” 600 Years in a Moment
55.08     Michelle De Wilton, “The Giver of Stars,” Daydream
58.38     Paulina Cassidy, “Moondial,” Sugar Wingshiver
1.02.12  Cybo, “We Are the Observants,” Echoespond
1.06.35  Magnetic Wind, “Between Earth and Sky,” 11
1.14.52  Dalot, “Ancestors,” Ancestors
1.19.05  Conni St. Pierre, “The Clearing,” Forest Spirits

*Mistakenly referred to in the podcast as “Affliction.”


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