Episode 131

Your excursion begins with some new music–three pieces that came together in a shuffle, to be honest, and I liked the way they sounded. From there, we head deep into the Hypnagogue library to keep the flow going. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Banco de Gaia, “All Sleeping,” Apollo
9.35       False Haven, “All That I Try to Console,” Caught in the Wake Forever
12.11     Eyesix, “All the Clouds,” Limerence
16.04     Praguedren, “Vapor,” Contrails
19.40     Ghost, “Soft Sands,” Departure
25.15     Ruxpin, “We Flap Our Wings (But Never Leave the Ground),” This Time We Go Together
29.41     Jeff Greinke, “Before the Storm.” Virga
34.33     Deborah Martin, “Crossing Plateau,” Deep Roots, Hidden Water
40.14     Chad Kettering, “Radiance,” Voices of the Ancients
47.43     Kyle Bobby Dunn, “The Nightjar,” A Young Person’s Guide To
58.44     Bob Holroyd, “In the Time We Have Left,” Afterglow
1.02.59  Within Reason, “Grey Area,” Subtle Shift
1.13.52  Dan Pound, “Finding Beauty,” Eros Thanatos
1.22.40  Phillip Wilkerson, “Two Breaths of Forever,” Highlands



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