Episode 130

Having recently reviewed the very good album Sleeping With the Window Open by Another Neglected Hobby, I decided it would make a great stepping-off point for this latest excursion into the review queue. From there it just made sense to keep things quiet for a bit. This ride goes through some dark spaces, finds slivers of post- and prog-rock, and finishes in an easy acoustic space. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Another Neglected Hobby, “Starfield,” Sleeping with the Window Open
7.19       Michael Meara, “Gamma Arietis,” Nocturnal Panorama
17.46     Marsen Jules, “Beautyfear VIII,” Beautyfear
24.50     Forrest Smithson, “Dreaming Time III,” Dreaming Time
39.59     World of Metal and Rust, “Mental Labyrinth,” Detour to Nowhere
46.57     Parhelion & Zak Keiller, “Farthest North,” Farthest North
57.16     Everyday Dust, “Mantra,” Somnium
1.05.57 Spiricom, “Another Way to Another World,” Opening the Portal
1.11.13  Paulina Cassidy, “Fire In Our Eyes,” Sugar Wingshiver
1.16.19  Spoke of Shadows, “Tilting at Windmills,” Spoke of Shadows
1.22.15  Lawrence Blatt, “Entering the East Gate,” Emergence


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