Episode 129

Last time around, we kept things on the quiet side. Well, balance is everything, so this trip is all about the uptempo. Volume up, please, and enjoy the ride.

Download as mp3.

Djam Karet, “Lost Dreams,” Regenerator 3017
3.58        Sparky Quano, “Where Are You Going?,” Jenga
9.16        Cyberchump, “Every 1,” Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
13.08     AstralFish, “Cloud Gather,” Far Corners
17.06     Kodomo, “Three Cycles,” Frozen In Motion
23.00     Ars Phoenix, “0011001,” Hanging Fire
26.52     John Ellis, “Farud Gets Electricity,” Sly Guitar
33.32     Wacky Southern Current, “We Are Argonauts,” Argonautica
37.35     Signal Hill, “Collide Us,” Chase the Ghost
43.34     Pedrick Bitts Walker, “Seven,” Three
51.44     Anawaty Russell, “Analog Universe,” Analog Universe
56.13      Subsonic Winter, “New Haven,” Introducing
1.00.00  Hickey Mouse, “The Art of Words,” I Heard Something in the Distance Vol 2
1.03.07  Sensitive Chaos, “Tanzen Filter,” Emerging Transparency
1.14.48  CH District, “Conclusion,” Conclusion
1.20.35  Jeffrey Koepper, “Creation,” Sequentaria


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