Episode 127

We return to the review queue in a ride that starts in a melodic New Age kind of space, then veers through quiet ambient zones. Kick back and enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Erik Wollo, “Blue Rondo,” Timelines
7.11 Timothy Wenzel, “The Night Train,” River Serene
11.53 Sonaljit, “Nodi Ontoheen,” Dreaming the Afterlife
17.13 Al Gromer Khan, “A Strange Kind of Peace,” Far Go
24.51 Alio Die & Sylvi Alli, “Across A Splendid Vista,” Amidst the Circling Spires
32.33 As If, “Autumn Wind,” Faraway Trees Standing Still
42.36 Cosmic Mind Warp, “Fading Into Ether,” Zero Beats Per Minute
56.53 Mark Tamea, “Niuafo’ou Sojourn,” Atomism
1.02.46 Caught in the Wake Forever, “I Know I’ve Suffered More Than Most,” False Haven
1.07.57 Indiana Drones, “Part 5,” Indiana Drones
1.22.23 Bubble, “Moon Beams Breaking the Leaves,” O*

*Said on the podcast that this is a track from John Sobocan, which it is–Bubble is one of John’s musical monikers. So I was reasonably correct.


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