Episode 126

Now and then the way one song transitions into another sets things in motion. Such was the case here. After that it’s just a matter of following inspiration, memory, and preference, just to see where it all takes you. A 30-minute set followed by an hour-long set.

Download as mp3.

Strafraenn Hakon, “Soft Fence,” Prammi
4.42 Aaron Martin, “Slow Wake,” Day Has Ended*
9.49 Slow Dancing Society, “I’ll Leave A Light On,” Laterna Magica
14.49 Collective Acoustics, “In Relation to Utica,” BC>AD
19.17 Joe De Vita, “Anti-Hero Theme Song,” The Anti-Hero
23.13 Stick Men, “Whale Watch,” Deep
36.29 The Ambient Visitor, Twelve (excerpt)
48.59 Onewayness, “Nothing is Hidden, Nothing is Revealed,” Blue Star Is Freezing
1.08.44 Jeff Greinke, “The Long Road Home,” Winter Light
1.16.31 Aaron Marshall, “Solace,” Magnificent Accident
1.19.51 Robert Carty, “Flora Light,” Ecoroots

*In the podcast, I refer to this as being a track from Aaron Martin and Christoph Berg, which is how it appears in iTunes, and how it’s conveyed, more or less, on the CD cover. At the time I was recording the first set, I wasn’t aware that Day Has Ended was not a collaboration, but a split release between Aaron and Christoph. This track is Aaron’s; it opens the disc.


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