Episode 125

This episode’s music comes from our old friend the review queue. I think you’ll like the blend.

Download as mp3.

Diamat, “Misunderstood, Pt I,” Being Is the Sum of Appearing
7.39       Fetal Pulse, “Alien Nebula,” Space
11.02     Transcend With Time, “Times of the Forgotten,” When Emotions Fade
17.26     Busy Beds, “My Ghost Is Your Ghost,” Seascape with Sharks and Dancer
22.55     Beyond Sensory Experience, “Sleepwaking,” Faint
39.24     Banco de Gaia, “Apollon,” Apollo
48.22     Mark Harris, “The Angry Child,” The Angry Child
53.52      Jim Graham, “Northwind,” Connexion
1.02.03  Nuclear Whale, “Wikus,” The Looming Machine
1.08.27  Robert Rich, “Callyx,” Possbilities of Cirumstance (comp)
1.14.08  Secret Pyramid, “Move Through Night,” Movements of Night
1.21.35  Parhelion & Zac Keiller, “Perfect Desolation,” Farthest North


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