Episode 124

This time the computer got to decide what you’d hear, and it chose to glut you with 21 tracks of goodness. Settle in and enjoy the tasty randomness.

Download as mp3.

Daren Keck, “Go in the Black,” Seven Years Under
5.08       Beyond Absence, “Lightwatcher’s Insomnia Suite-III,” Mood Report
7.27       Manitou, “Woodward Avenue Serenade,” All Points North
10.52     Echo Us, “Out of the Blue,” Tomorrow Will Tell the Story
14.21     Scott August, “Rising from the Plateau,” Radiant Sky
17.52     Altus, “Subspherical,” Macro
21.11      Radium 88, “Sometimes They Get Into the Machines,” Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth
26.09     Enabl.ed, “Tongue Typo,” Saccharine Morning
28.52     Erik Wollo, “Wetlands,” Gateway
33.54     Darshan Ambient, “A Day Within Days,” A Day Within Days
38.54     Cousin Silas, “Nevada Snow,” The Snow Imposed Silence
42.32     Con_Sense, “Threshold,” Compass [out of print?]
46.41     Toaster, “We Set Up Camp, and Got Drunk,” Theophany
51.34     Dwight Ashley, “Katalepsis,” Discrete Carbon
57.28     Alpha Wave Movement, “Plasma Cloud,” A Distant Signal
1.01.26  Robert Scott Thompson, “Buckna to Slemish,” Upon the Edge of Night
1.05.38  Tim Story & Roedelius, “Akimbo,” Lunz
1.08.52  Patrick Balthrop, “Heavy Eyes,” Sundowner
1.12.00  Geoffrey Armes, “With Clarity,” Hemispheres
1.18.43  Dave Luxton, “Shadow Clouds,” Music from the Firmament
1.23.44  Hibernation, “Dream Step,” Second Nature


2 thoughts on “Episode 124

  1. the email sent telling me 124 was there went to an dead page ,thought you should no, picked up episode 124 from your site no problems.

    • Thank you, Dave. What may have happened is that I played around with making an episode password-protected. I was looking at ways to make it easier to give each episode out a day early to those who “Like” the podcast on Facebook. That may have resulted in the dead link. I appreciate the heads up. Let me know if it happens next time around.

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