Episode 123

Time for me to look back over the many discs I’ve reviewed this year and try to pull out just one show’s worth of favorite tracks. As I’ll tell you during the show, these selections are just from discs I reviewed–not discs I received. So this is a retrospective of things I enjoyed that were sent to me up through late August, which is the part of the review queue I’m still trying to get through as I write this.

As always at the end of the year, I give you my thanks. For listening, for reading, for sending, for creating. This show and this site both exist only through your continued appreciation. So kick back, we’ve got almost two hours of good stuff to get through…thanks to you.

Download as mp3.

David Downing, “Sara’s Song,” Cosmic Conspiracy
6.29       Matt Borghi & Michael Teager, “Nebula Divide,” Convocation
17.05     Hollan Holmes, “Lost Memories,” Phase Shift
21.47     Meg Bowles, “Nightwalk Across the Isle of Dream,” The Shimmering Land
31.20     Peter DiPhillips, “Vadsa,” Midnight Sun
39.59     James Johnson & Aperus, “Crow Over Walnut Canyon,” Ecotone
49.01     DeeperNET, “The Eagle Has Landed,” One
57.52     Audio Cologne Project, “Grobmotorik,” 2911
1.04.21  Jon Durant & Colin Edwin, “The Weight of Gravity,” Burnt Belief
1.12.53  Caves of Glass, “The Hollow,” Mariana
1.22.09  John Puchiele Ensemble, “Life Gets Busy II,” Life Cycle
1.25.39  Fiona Joy Hawkins, “Earthbound,” 600 Years in a Moment
1.29.34  Caul, “Relic,” The Long Dust
1.33.30  Steve Brand (with Frore), “Medicine Bag Ghosts,” The Great Hoop
Last but not least… Ministry of Inside Things, “Grateful,” Everlasting Moment


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