Episode 122

Rolling toward the end of the year. I decided to hop out of the review queue again to just play what came to mind. This one goes pretty deep, skimming the outskirts of dark ambient in spots–but don’t worry, it ends on a brighter note. Recommended for evening listening.

Download as mp3.

Mara’s Torment, “A Wonderful Discovery,” Fluctuations
8.58       Stefan Gubatz, “Offshore,” Distanz
16.06     Jeffrey Koepper, “Interphase,” Sequentaria
22.13     The Post Riot Era, “Everybody We Know Says the Same Thing,” Schism
31.45     Dentist, “Scrolling,” Cuts
38.05     Wolfskin/Last Industrial Estate, “Amidst the Infinite Skies,” Stonegates of Silence
50.18     Radio Free Clear Light, “Chamber of the Salamander,” Labyrinth of Ohgel
54.48     Deep Chill Network, “Approaching Slumber” (excerpt), Cyber Sleep 6
1.10.43  Steve Roach, Sleep and Dreaming” (excerpt), Quiet Music 3


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