Episode 121

Our 90-minute ride this time comes courtesy (once again!) of the review queue. Pulling from submissions sent for review between July and now, it’s a blend of cool drifts and rhythmic passages. Dive in, groove on.

Download as mp3.

Chris Alvarado & Ari Porki, “Cape Isthmus,” Menagerie of Clouds
7.10       Moonlets, “DA141,” Moonlets (split with Ben Q Best)
12.15     Janneh, “Solarization Pt 5,” Solarization
17.23     Last Days, “Nepenthe,” Satellite
20.11     Aquarelle, “Clockless Hours,” August Undone
27.14     Dalot, “Staircase,” Ancestors
33.47     Matt Kwid, “Omission,” Passive Listener
38.03     John Davis, “Superpartner,” Ask the Dust
49.37     Steve Roach, “Looking for Safety,” Live Transmission
1.04.04  Chronotope Project, “Akashic Love Songs,” Event Horizon
1.11.10  Red Shifting the Ocean, “Rosetta,” Constellation
1.19.47  Disparition, “Charles Wallace,” Madoc


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