Episode 120

Naturally, my mood can influence the course of a podcast–especially in episodes like this one, which is a free-form journey. (In other words, we’re not in the review queue this time.) As I sat through two or three sessions of piecing things together, and particularly in putting together the second half, I was definitely in a quiet, reflective mood. The further in you go on this episode, the more of that mood you get. Set aside the full ninety for this one.

Download as mp3.

Paul Ellis, “Firefly Rising Outshined by the Moon,” From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness
14.14     John Lyell, “Pulse of Destiny,” Eternity
20.17     Peter Kater, “Intuitive Chakra,” Light Body
28.50     Patrick O’Hearn. “Magnificent River,” Beautiful World
34.27     David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, “Lost,” Found
41.08     Deborah Martin & Erik Wollo, “The Thunder and the Water,” Between Worlds
47.00    Steven Halpern, “Deep Alpha Pt 3,” Deep Alpha
52.34    Carl Sagan’s Ghost, “Just for Them Pt 1,” Just for Them
1.03.17  Cousin Silas, “Three Chimneys With Ladder,” Uncertainty
1.07.35  Zero Ohms. “9,” 369
1.17.46  Igneous Flame & Ensueno, “Persephone,” Pandora


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